Taxi-driver, home-remover,

Oh sweet glorious midnight-groover,


Side-eye glancer, part-time dancer,

Green light says go but you’re a red man-chancer,


Organ-grinder, mendicant-minder,

She beggars belief, how did I find her?


Vino-drinker, little tinker,

I’ve got it bad for you – hook, line, and sinker,


Worked up-warbler, cockle-warmer,

With kisses so sweet, you’re a diabetic’s fave nightmare,


No! A real life-saver, ‘Lady Soup-Kitchener’,

Our country needs you, but you’re mine ’til later,


Tanqueray-sipper, and afternoon-kipper,

Ah! Smokey delight, even hippies aren’t hipper,


Champion-cooker, toothsome supper,

No need for gegs, you’re a real good-looker!


Firecracker, dark horse-backer,

I’m a losing bet, but you know no better,


Galaxy-surfer, Oh moonlight marauder!

Even Jupiter blushes at the thought of ya,


Snake-charmer, Mr. Melodrama,

I’m a stranded yacht, but you’re my ocean-calmer,


Premier number, little girl-wonder,

Venus de Milo‘s alright, but you’re the real picture!


And from May to September,

These are a few things I remember,

About why I love you, Miss 28th November.