She’s a silly billy,

Hair madder than fusilli,


That’s Piccalilli Lily,

A pickled delight, and a bit of a fright,

But charming all the same.



Yes! I’ve an acquired taste,

Lucky for you,

Oh lil Lily, head to toe in Piccadilly line blue,

A relishable dish for the

Daily commute,

And charming evermore.


But how far will I go,

Affable farrago,

To Cockfosters and back, just to keep up with you?

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

But a white campion is more lily-like than you!


Ah! Miss Misnomer,

City roamer,

They should’ve called you Little White Clover,

But when you spot me, this’ll all be over,

And I’ll charm you just the same.