Polaris, is she,

The leading star at night,

She’s no stranger to the silver screen,

That lithium dream,

Beauty queen of a bygone era.


Picture-perfect, perfect picture

With her fringe-framed face,

Boy she’s a body-jerker,

A real head-turner, and

Watch as my mind twirls.


Oh yes!

How I could get lost in those flicker book eyes,

And delight in every picture,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the sexiest psychodrama,

Cyclorama, carousel of love!


And so every night,

I play the same dream on repeat,

Just me and you,

Outta the field of view and

Sharing a laugh in paradise.


So Frieda, let me be

The bow in your barnet,

The bee in your bonnet,

The boy that won’t give up,

‘Cos I’m a spinning top,

And doting despot,

And I’m never gonna let up.