Merry medic, miraculous mind,

Whom I, mean my, mistook for a

Miracle maker,

‘The Marvellous Medician’,

Abracadabra! Acetabularii! She’s a veritable, venerable spellbinder indeed!


Me the mad dick, maniac and maverick,

You the doctor, patience of a saint,

Dearest zany ZZ Topless, bottomless fun,

Loveable spirit in the ‘bedrum’,


My mental mathematician, my mardy bum,

Doc Bott, hot to trot she

Makes me potty, posh totty,

About bloomin’ time I won the lottery!


For she’s my lucky number, anaesthetist, I need this,

“Welcome to the Sedatedland:

Please drive-me-crazy carefully”


T’is no passing fancy either, well maybe a passing cloud?

Ah sky blue peepers, finders keepers, losers weepers,

These cheeks weren’t made for streams of sorrow, darling,

Two melancholy mounds too many,

You and me both, am led to believe,


So medically mindful, mind the gap in my knowledge,

You, so much nous for a house mouse,

And enough heart to keep an elephant standing,

Let’s not forget.


Alas, let us fly instead!

Hitchin’ a ride to heaven, no stairway,

We’ll take the lift to save time, while you save lives,

Healer, freewheeler, the girl next door’s clothes-stealer, 30 quid says I know the dealer, so laid back, you easy peeler,


And now, there’s not much left for me to say,

So I’ll leave with this, if that’s ok?

Magnificent Medician, the Great Zee L B,

Pray not, my dear, for a broken wand ceremony!